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The DiTrani Brothers

The DiTrani Brothers (American jazz, ragtime, and Eastern European folk music) – is a four-piece acoustic ensemble drawing influence primarily from early French and American jazz, ragtime, and Eastern European folk music. Instrumentally, the line-up includes accordion/banjo, guitar, washtub bass and drums. In addition to playing traditional tunes, the band’s original music draws from the past while maintaining a unique sound both modern and nostalgic. DiTrani Brothers has spent the past several years touring the country, playing from coast to coast with the likes of the Devil Makes Three, Lost Dog Street Band, Resonant Rogues, and St. Cinder. Described as “apocalyptic junk jazz,” the DiTrani Brothers and their band leave audiences in revelry as they dance to the wistful tune of a waning world.

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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