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The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio

The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio – plays core roots music anchored between the lowdown grit and growl of early blues, the high lonesome sounds of bluegrass, and hardcore punk. Their music explores universal themes of substance abuse, infidelity, blue-collar angst, unrequited love, and wanderlust.

The Vancouver bands’ members are: Steven Huston (upright bass, guitar, vocals) and Chris Dawson-Murphy (banjo, guitar, vocals), The group originally formed in 2013 as a three piece and through a series of separations and distillations evolved into the current duo. Huston’s song writing is dynamic in style and subject, reflecting on urban life via engaging, edgy lyrics woven into solidly crafted tunes that reveal the maritime pick’n parties of his Nova Scotian upbringing. Steven’s rock-steady rhythm sets the groove for Chris’ intricate guitar work and unorthodox banjo picking evocative of traditional blues and old time of the deep-south; music the prairie boy was immersed in while at art school in Louisiana. The band is influenced by sounds as diverse as blues pioneers Blind Blake and Victoria Spivey, and contemporary groups like The Devil Makes Three and Pokey Lafarge.

​BSBT has toured across Western Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium playing venues and festivals and will be releasing a new, full-length album in spring of 2019. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Petunia, The Burying Ground, The Lonesome Town Painters and Carolyn Mark.

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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