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Lance Ekhart

Earth, air, fire and water traditionally represent the 4 elements of our world. As a nature lover and sailor, the ocean, islands and clouds have always intrigued me and when all three of these things are present together in beautiful light (fire from the sun being the source of the light) and I am able to capture it, I am fulfilled as a photographer and as a witness of the scene. This synergistic coming together of all the elements, for me, elicits a transcendent moment, like a clearer window to the universally attractive coherent correctness that is Nature and brings forth a rich emotional response of sublime and undefined poignancy that I am compelled to share.

Photography, for me, is part of my search for wholeness, completion and the meaning of why we are embedded in this beautiful world. The more I witness and photograph the rich tapestry of Nature the more I am grateful for my connection to it.

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