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Paula Boggs Band

Paula Boggs Band – has just released their new album, “Elixir – The Soulgrass Sessions,” to great critical acclaim. Once again, the band weaves their brilliant original songs with respectful nods to some great classics that have been run through the “soulgrass process.” The band continues to remind us of events that have shocked us and, through music, begins to start the healing process. The masterpiece 4th track, “Benediction,” helps to not only remember the tragedy of the Charleston mass murder, but also the optimism. “… All I know is, that by the grace of God, the Devil will not win” — that is, it empowers all of us. Coming together in music and mutual understanding is a good beginning but not an end all. The band will tour in support of this great record. Paula Boggs recently announced the addition of a new band member, Seattle-based, jazz pianist/accordionist, Joshua Hou. The band is currently on tour through the Pacific Northwest.

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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