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Jaspar & Kale Lepak

Jaspar Lepak is a folk/Americana songwriter whose remarkable gift for melody is only surpassed by her poetry. Accompanied by her husband Kale with accordion and harmonies, Lepak’s songs are deeply influenced by the many places she has called home: Tucson, Minneapolis, Durban, and currently Seattle. Her lyrics expose a brave vulnerability while her clear, pure voice touches the heart. Lepak started writing songs in 2002 while living in Minneapolis. Between 2004 and 2009, she recorded five albums, and in the fall of 2009, she and Kale moved to Durban, South Africa. Her music found an enthusiastic audience, and in 2011, she recorded “Forgiving Wind” which Rolling Stone South Africa hailed as an album full of “beauty and original charm.” Jaspar and Kale moved to Seattle in 2012, and the two regularly perform as a duo. Jaspar’s eighth album release “Close to Me” is a project recorded over a weekend in April 2017—just two weeks before their daughter was born!

“This is Jaspar’s most arresting political album to date and it comes at a crucial time in the current turbulent American (and hence global) landscape. . . .There is an anthem-like quality to many of the tracks, most notably “And I Listened”, “Symbols of Freedom”, “Rain is the Sound”, and “Marley’s Plea”. And yet, due to the intimate renditions, the epic quality of the work is underplayed as a soothing balm, which results in a complete contrast to the madness gripping the world. This does not imply that one should just shut the world out, but to stay open.” ~ Helge Janssen, Artslink.co.za

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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