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Ed Masuga

Ed Masuga brings his own signature style to Americana Folk. His performances feature striking acoustic fingerpicking and rich chord voicings, creating a rare and expressive blend. Sung in a warm clear voice, his unique melodies and captivating songs are the vessel for his emotional presence and profound artistry. With four full-length albums, including his newest, Old Moon, Ed performs consistently across the US, sharing his talents through compelling moments of art and connection. More info here: http://www.edmasuga.com/

“Part guitar god, part dew-sweet bard, Ed Masuga is the singer-songwriter to shame them all. Ed is not the café busker whom you tip out of pity, he leaves you grateful you caught him before he hit it big.”
–Alee Karim, SF Weekly/VICE
“Steeped heavily in the folk tradition, his songs are simultaneously old-fashioned, timeless, and timely.” –Chloe Roth, SF Bay Guardian

“Ed Masuga is the spirit of Dixie coupled with the flare of a jazz singer; a finger picking maniac; a one man blues orchestra of beautiful clanks and calls. His voice pierces the air, and then pulls away haltingly with a blues tremolo; sputtering like tumbleweed across a dry desert floor. His lyrics are splashed with subtle prose; they’re simple amiable pleasures that seep into an individual’s sense of romance and float like loose lazy times with a lover.
For those like me who have wondered where the talent has gone; the answer is simple, it lurks out of the spotlight of T.V. and radio; in the dark lonely places where art prospers most. Ed Masuga has honed his creative torrent into an uncut diamond that builds itself in the spotlight-less soil. Listening to his dancing finger-pick-fest and his awe-inspiring trumpet of a voice was an enriching experience to say the least.”
— Ross Callahan, Amazing Things Art Center

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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