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As I See It with Ruth Dorsey

The Tango of Photography – The creative imagery of Ruth Dorsey

The musical movement of her images gives the viewer a brief glance into Ruth’s long time passion for the art of photography. Each image is a note in a song, creating a chorus of beauty and inspiration. They dance with color, the rhythm a delight for all to see.

Like the tango, her images can be flashy, dramatic or simple, leaving the viewers breathless and in awe. She captures our attention as we sway into the moment and for a brief time we dance to the art and soul of Ruth Dorsey.

“Isn’t it amazing that so much in life’s path is waiting to be captured? The challenge is not to go out and shoot today, but to allow myself to simply pass through places, letting the play of light draw the eye to life’s beauty, and perhaps to its pain. My lens documents what has meaning.”

Ruth loves to photograph Mexico. In 2010 she spent six weeks there.

“I basked in the manana mode and I took in so much with my eyes.”

As a Real Estate Agent , she explores and photographs the beauty that is Skagit County.  She loves to show vistas of the area. She tells people to “come embrace the tapestry of the area.”

Another favorite is the Palouse: “Eastern Washington, where rolling fields expand your horizons, where hard working people inhabit and nostalgic old still exists. The picturesque wheat fields, old barns and old historic buildings bring joy.”

Another favorite of Ruth’s to photographs – Water, the color blue and boats.

Ruth Dorsey
John L. Scott, Anacortes

Her book – Give Me the Blues. Dedicated to Dick Garvey. Find it on Blurb.

Check out more of Ruth’s photographs on Flickr.

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