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As I See It with Leslie Dorn

Leslie has a natural talent and a spontaneous response to the world, allowing her to view the world with a creative eye. With each snap of the shutter, she creates a work of art. The world is her canvas and she paints with the light captured by her camera.  Her goal – to create an image that draws in the viewer and evokes a response.

The world is a beautiful place – full of light and color, waiting for an artist to capture it. When Leslie looks through the lens it is that beauty, that color, that light that inspires her to capture that one moment in time. We, as viewers, get drawn in and for a brief moment, thanks to Leslie, we get to enjoy the beauty she sees.

While many photographers concentrate on one or a few areas of expertise, I enjoy the spontaneity and versatility of capturing images that are often not planned or composed in advance. The uncertainty of what I might find to photograph “right around the corner” is what is so exciting to me. I believe that a great image is one that draws the viewer in and evokes an emotion or response (of any kind) – these are the images I strive for. When asked which is my best image I always reply, “It’s the one I am going to take tomorrow!”

Leslie Dorn
For more of Leslie’s work visit her website or see her on Flickr.

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