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As I See It with John Parks

John Parks

Photographs are an inspiration for John Parks’ Art

Floating Glass BallsFor John Parks, a photograph is just the beginning. It is an outline, an inspiration for his art. All computer-generated, John takes his photographs and turns them into masterful pieces of art – paintings, watercolors and pencil drawings. He adds splashes of color, or tones down color adding a striking look, he removes unwanted objects or adds what he thinks is missing to an image, all of this started with a photograph.

His art takes our imaginations on an adventure. His recent trips to Italy and China come to life with vivid colors and beautiful, artful scenery. His view of the world is  captured and conveyed to us, the way he, as an artist, wants us to see it.

As I see it – John Parks, a photographer and an artist, has found his niche in the vast world of images that bombard us everyday. His work is a true look into his soul as an artist.

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