October 2013 - Anacortes Magazine - Art, Music, and Community

Filmed in Anacortes, WA, Thunder From Heaven is a Second World War independent short film that depicts paratroopers of the 17th Airborne Division who were dropped into Germany to support the final push into the heart of the Third Reich on March 24th, 1945. Thunder From Heaven features Anacortes residents; Jacob Leiker, David Mitchell Boyd, Peter McKinley, Mitchell Babarovich, Peter Sladich, Anthony Capasso, Kyle & Knute Fosso as well as Jim Spain and Bryce Pacchelli. Continue reading

Everywhere you look there’s a Seahawk, on TV, hoodies and foam fingers. The most famous “Seahawks” are obviously Seattle’s football team, which selected their NFL moniker in 1975. Anacortes has that beat by fifty years, when the AHS student body voted to select “Sea Hawks” as our school nickname in February of 1925. This makes the Anacortes Seahawks the “Original Seahawks” in Washington, the United States of America, and probably the first Seahawk named team in the world! Continue reading

John Christianson, owner of Christianson’s Nursery made good use of his apple harvest this year, holding his annual cider press demonstration at the nursery this afternoon. Continue reading

Tony Locke, is not only a photographer, he is an instructor.  He teaches photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and the occasional Apple product. When teaching photography, and the software tools of the trade, he incorporates artistic techniques in the instructions, blending creative … Continue reading

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