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As I See It – with Tony Locke

Tony Locke

Tony Locke, is not only a photographer, he is an instructor.  He teaches photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and the occasional Apple product. When teaching photography, and the software tools of the trade, he incorporates artistic techniques in the instructions, blending creative with the technical side of the craft. His teaching is a sharing of knowledge and presenting the instructions in a way that makes sense for those learning. His unique style of teaching gives students the understanding and the confidence they need to do more than just Point and Shoot.

When it comes to photography as an art, Tony is a mix of artistic talents. His photography runs the gamut from Fine Art Landscapes, to quirky fun images. Each image is unique and diverse. He is also an explorer in the digital realm. His skills with Photoshop, and photo restoration, carried him into the field of being a digital artist. A true artist that makes use of digital technology in the production of his art. This creative edge gives him the ability to broaden his art, and his talents.

His creative talents run deep and explode pixel by pixel.

Tony Locke – a digital artist, a photographer, an instructor.

Tony Locke

Pro Photographer — My specialties are Fine Art, Abstract, Macro, Landscape, The Unusual & sometimes Indescribably. I provide year-round workshops on photography, Photoshop & Lightroom. I’m also available for Event Photography, fine-art printing and photo restorations.

Photoshop Artists and Instructor.

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