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Lindsay Clark, Faustina Masigat & Denise Glover

Faustina Masigat (Portland, OR) “There is a quiet intensity running through the world that Faustina Masigat creates: sweet and heavy, a touch of angst, brutally honest, smoldering. Frustrated by academia and emotionally raw from a breakup, Faustina stepped away from her peers in her mid-twenties. Seeking honesty over perfection, her approach to composition became much more intuitive; a means of self improvement through self reflection and seated in the natural expression of her own emotional life. Her songwriting is all at once heartbreaking, intelligent, meditative and elegant – centered around a voice that is difficult to attach genre to. Her self-titled debut will be released on January 26th, 2018 via Mama Bird Recording Co.”

Lindsay Clark (Portland, OR / Nevada City, CA) “Lindsay Clark finds balance between traditional folk, english folk, country, and her own version of experimental folk that seems to emanate from her soul. Exquisite and pitch perfect, her music speaks of quiet revelation. With influences ranging from the Elizabeth Cotton, Joni Mitchell, appalachian folk, classical music, and her father’s record collection, she blends many worlds into a uniquely warm sound. Her sound has been described as ‘folk with angelic vocals washing over smooth edges’ (1859 Magazine). Her forthcoming record “Crystalline” was engineered/co-produced this year with San Francisco’s Jeremy Harris (guitar/vocals – Vetiver), with plans to be released in mid- 2018.” 

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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