October 2015 - Anacortes Magazine - Art, Music, and Community

Both Jim’s sculptural and photographic work has been shown widely throughout the region. He has done both installation pieces in Anacortes and participated in the juried Pier show for the Anacortes Arts Festival. In 2013 he received the People’s Choice award for his photography in the Pier show. Continue reading

Within this town, there lies many hidden secrets and talents. I often find myself wandering through the town’s streets and exploring the unknown corners of our historic neighborhood. If you really look and listen, you’ll find evidence of local creativity … Continue reading

This will make my third visit to Croatia in the last 15 years and one might ask what is the fascination with this place by a fourth generation Los Angeles boy? Continue reading

At Maya Shakti Yoga Studio, Yoga, art and music are fused together in a calming environment designed to create a sense of well-being while supporting positive change in each individual’s personal life. Continue reading

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