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Anacortes Yoga at Maya Shakti Yoga Studio

dawnmarie-sizedAnacortes….a unique environment for a unique practice.

Yoga and the philosophy it embraces is a true art form. The visual images of human bodies, all shapes, sizes, and ages as they create shapes and move in unison with their breath is as individual and unique as any piece of fine art hanging in our local galleries. Like art, there are no two bodies that are alike. There are no two postures that look alike. Each is unique to the person performing the Asana, or Yoga posture.

As we explore our physical and mental boundaries, the barriers are removed from our bodies and minds. Our ability to focus and concentrate, or to commit to a project becomes enhanced. The experience becomes transformational, our breath guiding us to places that are more helpful to our personal growth and well-being. As the barriers come down, ideas begin to flow. Perceptions are shifted. As our creative forces are let free, we attain the power to create our very own unique life. We are the creators of our experience of life.

As our minds become free and our bodies become stronger, more balanced, more flexible and open, we create space for creativity and change.

People who embrace a Yoga practice will notice shifts and movement in their lives. Things that are not supportive somehow make their way out of their lives as healthier thoughts and habits take their place.

At Maya Shakti Yoga Studio, Yoga, art and music are fused together in a calming environment designed to create a sense of well-being while supporting positive change in each individual’s personal life. Ours is a community of support, enhancing peace of mind and stimulating creativity. A space where like-minded individuals can gather to share our collective consciousness, transforming ourselves and others, being the catalyst for positive change.

Maya Shakti Yoga Studio is located in the heart of Downtown Anacortes at 708 Commercial Avenue.

For more information and the latest class schedule visit or stop by for a printed calendar.

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