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Transformation through Yoga, Life Coaching & Art with Dawn Marie

Within this town, there lies many hidden secrets and talents. I often find myself wandering through the town’s streets and exploring the unknown corners of our historic neighborhood. If you really look and listen, you’ll find evidence of local creativity weaved within the very fiber of the community.

Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to have it come to me:

“Maya Shakti and Me”
A story of transformation and growth as told by a student of Dawn Marie’s at Maya Shakti…

“I was recently at a point in my life where I found myself thinking “What am I going to do when I grow up?” My kids were and continue to be getting older and not needing me as much. I felt directionless, sad, and needed to feed my soul.

Based on a recommendation, I scheduled an appointment to see Dawn Marie for a mind/body wellness life coaching session. When I walked into Maya Shakti Yoga and Wellness, I was greeted by Dawn and a calming scent was in the air of the studio.

We clicked and I connected to what she had to say.

As Dawn and I talked we agreed that one problem was that I was not connecting to my creative, authentic self, along with having feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

I happened to show Dawn a sculpture I had made months before; and so began my challenge.

My ‘assignment’ was to create more sculptures and show them for the upcoming First Friday Art Walk.

I set to work and created 8 more pieces in a month’s time. My “Mothers” series was born. It was therapy in itself. I was a bit nervous putting my work (myself) out there, but I knew I was in a nurturing space.

My new challenge for myself now is connecting my mind and body through Yoga and meditation.

I recently went to the Candlelight Slow Flow w/ Yoga Nidra with my 10 year old daughter. It was a wonderful experience for both of us, we left relaxed and shared a feeling of connection. A feeling that I look forward to recreating again.

In the end, the few sessions that I have had with Dawn Marie were more valuable to me than any counseling I had sought throughout the previous year.

Thank you Dawn Marie. I will continue my journey to feed my creative, authentic self.”

~ Michelle Romag

Michelle’s following words about the creation of her “Mothers” series is evidence of her courage and willingness to look deep within herself and channel her feelings into physical form.


Mothers came to be as a personal challenge and/or therapy if you will. It has been years since I nurtured my creative self.

I decided to create something that has always fascinated me. My Mothers are inspired by old style Santos (religious relics) and cage dolls. There is a long history around them, and the idea was not to duplicate, but to capture the feeling.

I was both scared and nervous when I began. Not only for exposing myself, but also for not giving or living up to each Mothers true beauty and potential.

Even though I am older and a mother myself, I think we still value and search for the acceptance and love from mothers.

As I began my quest, I felt as if each Mother guided me through this process and protected me (it wasn’t always pleasant) – None the less, it was just as any mother would do.

I recently learned of the Japanese term, Wabi Sabi. It is the idea to find beauty and perfection within imperfection, the broken and the worn. Although not a beautiful sounding name, there is warmth and familiarity to that notion. Similar to that of a mother’s love.

As each Mother’s own personality emerged, I learned that it’s OK to just be who you are; perfectly imperfect. You will notice imperfections in these sculptures. Some intentional, but mostly unintentional. I am OK with that.

This is what my Mothers represent; to remind us all, to relax, to nurture, to accept and to forgive- just as any mother would.”

Peace and a special thank you to Dawn Marie-Maya Shakti
Michelle Romag

…And a special thank you to Michelle for trusting me through her process and creating these beautiful pieces of art. Yoga, art, personal growth, community……in Anacortes.
Dawn Marie

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