May 2012 - Anacortes Magazine - Art, Music, and Community

Creating my own little world . . . one photo at a time Anne Elkins inherited her love for art from her father. His art surrounded her as a child and is still with her today.  Like her father, she loves … Continue reading

 Larry and photography are synonymous! He sees the world through his camera lens and what a beautiful world in which he lives. You can see a little piece of Larry’s warm and loving soul in each of his images.

“I’m going somewhere”, she said. What she sees through the lens is beauty, what she captures is the subject’s soul, what she creates is art. What she dreams about is a career in photography. At 15, Abbie Kunch has a … Continue reading

Blogs – they are everywhere and there are thousands on photography. Most photography blogs focus on techniques and equipment. Photographers like to focus on the right equipment, the lens, F-stop, software programs – It’s what I call the tech-geek side … Continue reading

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