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Welcome to Anacortes Magazine’s new blog “As I See It”

Blogs – they are everywhere and there are thousands on photography. Most photography blogs focus on techniques and equipment. Photographers like to focus on the right equipment, the lens, F-stop, software programs – It’s what I call the tech-geek side of photography.

What about the creative aspect that makes taking a picture art? What about the photographers themselves as artists? As I See It focuses on the creative, the art. That’s right – photography can be an art form – and this will be the focus of As I See It.

Yes, photography can be a hobby, or a technical exercise. But for the more passionate, it is about the art, the soul in the image. As I See It will introduce you to the art and soul of local photographers whose passion shines through them and their lens.

Karla Locke

As I See It
Anacortes Magazine

“As one of the most realistic art forms, photography came closest to capturing the true nature of experience, and yet, ironically, experience—through the careful manipulation of lighting, angle, and composition—could be distorted, enhanced, or even saturated with symbolism.  The photographer—the artist—could make one see things he never imagined in something as simple as a leaf.  Thus photography can record history and events, but it can also rewrite them by drawing out the human element, the interpretation.”

From Somewhere Like Here
Melissa Dereberry

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