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Tommy Thompson Trail

The Tommy Thompson consists of approximately 3.3 miles of paved trail for pedestrians and bicyclists between 11th Street and across the train trestle to March Point. A breakdown of the mileage is 11th St. to 22nd St. is 0.6 miles, 22nd St. to 34th St. is 0.7 miles, 34th St. to RV Park is 1.0 miles, RV Park to trestle is 0.6 miles and across the trestle is 0.4 miles for a total of 3.3 miles.

Trail Mileage: ( One Way)
11th Street to 22nd Street – 0.6 miles
22nd Street to 34th Street – 0.7 miles
34th Street to RV Park  – 1.0 miles
RV Park to March Point Rd. – 1.0 miles

Friends of the Tommy Thompson Parkway? Who are we?
Anacortes citizens supporting the City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department operations of the Tommy Thompson Parkway. For recreation, special events and for the simple enjoyment that the parkway brings to the Anacortes Community. For more information or want to get involved contact: Steve Jahn, Chairman of Committee at (360) 293-1340 or email

Questions, Problems or Suggestions:
Anacortes Parks & Recreation Department
P.O. Box 547,
Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: (360) 293-1918

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