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The Heart of Anacortes

Located just a few blocks from the Guemes Channel in the historic Old Town area, this outdoor venue on 4th Street, complete with stage and concession area, is available for an infinite range of events. Clients will also find state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

“Seventeen years ago we started our business, How It Works,” said Chris Terrell. “Shortly after opening a production space a few blocks from here, we responded to an appeal from local musicians by building a stage for weekend performances. We opened the doors, let people in and listened to their ideas. Our history is one of constant growth, changes made to answer the desires of our clients and community.”

Design and construction of the Heart of Anacortes facility in 2010 represents the shared vision of Chris Terrell’s nephew and business partner Mark Edson. Located in what was once the yard of the McCracken Family residence, the fenced area still features elements of decades-old residential landscaping. On the north side is an elevated stage, with a cement pad in front that is often used by dancers. There is space for approximately 200 chairs.

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About Chris Terrell

Longtime Anacortes resident Chris Terrell captures his views of our community through his website Pictures That Matter.

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