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Spoonshine Duo


Spoonshine is an Americana band out of Anacortes Washington. Their songs take folk, rock, country, and punk, and shape it into a sound all their own.

Songwriting duo William Cook and Jacob Navarro have been performing in bands together since the late ‘90’s. Born and raised in Skagit County, Cook and Navarro frequently write songs about the oceans, rivers, valleys and farmlands surrounding their home. In “Darling Girl,” a miner laments about the death of his lover and the child she left behind – “Where have you gone, my darling girl/ It was for you that I was born/ They say they have seen you waiting for me out in the dead rows of corn.” They are the true embodiment of Anacortes arts scene, bringing a little bit of Skagit County with them wherever they go.

Born out of the indie-rock haven of their youth and young adulthood, Spoonshine has kept company over the years with bands like Beat Happening and Gravel.

Spoonshine makes a splash every time they perform. They cultivate an incredible amount of energy and speed, with expert harmonies, powerful rhythms and virtuosic guitar and mandolin. A live show is a genuine dance-your-ass-off event, and at their hometown shows fans have been known to dance out in the streets surrounding the venue because there is no room left inside.


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