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Hungry Cloud Darkening


hcdRooted right here in our very own Anacortes, Hungry Cloud Darkening is a rich advent into a new saga of deep pop song writing, executed on a scale unlike any of our current time.  Led by multi-instrumentalist composer, producer, and pivotal figure of the Anacortes Unknown, Nicholas Wilbur introduces an innovative and textural styling to the music scene of the Northwest.
Typically aided by friends and songwriters, Paul Benson and Allyson Foster, also known for their musical work in projects Ever Ending Kicks and Mount Eerie, the group reaches a pinnacle soundscape as a trio.  Blending elements of incredible vocal harmonies, sharp witted lyricism, and creative talents behind every instrument from 12 stringed acoustic guitar to synthesizers, vibraphone, and trombone.
The influences of this musical ensemble may be hard to find, but their songs take similar shape to works from artists like Belle and Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields, Prefab Sprout, the compositions of Ray Davies and Phil Spector, and L.A.K.E.
Their new album is available on cassette tape through Holy Page Records and their Vinyl will be available through local label, OFFTEMPO, later this year.  To find out more about their music, visit:


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