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The Penny Stinkers

The Penny Stinkers live in the Pacific Northwest and hail from Bellingham, WA. Bellingham is culture rich with a strong arts community and the Penny Stinkers are proud to be part of that culture.

The Penny Stinkers offer our own original music with an eclectic mix of Americana and Folk rock with a healthy mix of the unexpected. Besides creating our own original music, we’ll play traditional folk, indie, hip hop(no we don’t!, but we do have a couple of tunes that are pretty entertaining), cow punk, alt country and even some jazzier things when they feel like it.

Led by Jeffrey Slough, a consummate front man and true instigator. Jeffrey has a huge voice and the ability to inspire and involve the audience to foot stomping, hand clapping and generally having a great time.

J.D. Sinclair holds the bottom end on the doghouse double bass, electric and Ukulele bass J.D. is a bass walking fool who also sings harmony and is altogether fun.

Michael A. Handron Jr joins the Penny Stinkers on guitar and vocals. Michael has a great ear and floats on stage, seriously, he floats! Michael is steeped with a long and illustrious career in making faces on fans that go “what!”

H2o 314 Commercial Ave. Anacortes, Wa 98221
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