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The Lion of Judah Band

The Lion of Judah Band – We are a full-sound, local group of singers and players of instruments hailing from the Virgin Islands and the Pacific Northwest. Our music consists of a blend of classic ska, dancehall, and roots reggae fused with a uniquely modern style. Whether a cover tune or original material, you will find that our music is designed to make folks dance and have a good time.

We were originally known as Cannon and the Lion of Judah, led by founder, composer, and bassist Cannon, who passed away in March 2018. The band went through many difficult changes after the loss of their good friend and leader. They struggled with their identity, leadership, and their ability to keep going as a team. After many trials and tribulations, the ultimate decision to keep the music alive proved to be right choice.

Now, a year later, the band consists of several of the old crew, and some very unique talent recruited from Sanctuary City Reggae Band. Introducing Papa Hema, our music director on vocals and piano; Ta’ Zayah, general manager on vocals and kette drum; Erich on guitar; Jon on guitar; Felipe on keyboards; Lady Shervonne on vocals and bongo drums; Susan on bass; Heidi on vocals and percussion; and Nati on drums..

So join us, as we have the unique opportunity, and are truly blessed, to be able to share our music with you. We will treat you to some of Cannon’s music, as well as new creations from our work in the studio over the past winter. We look forward to making you dance!

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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