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Mary Ellen Lykins & Craig Adams

Mary Ellen Lykins – Singer, Songwriter – believes in giving a song her all with a passionate voice to the story or the mood that’s in each one. It’s no wonder, she started with acting and the singing was mostly about musical theater. She also took vocal lessons for years with a focus on classical music. She moved to Washington from Utah in 2010 and made the PNW her home by sharing her singing in this vibrant music scene. She’s been performing music in some fashion since she got to stay up late and became inspired by the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Some have described her sound as the grit of Janis Joplin and passion of Etta James.

Craig Adams- Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter – started playing guitar at the age of 13. Shortly thereafter his music teacher invited him to play at the local Navy Base and then near the Canadian border, where thirsty Canadians packed the clubs if they wanted to drink on Sundays. He was hooked immediately, even though being under age meant he had to stay on the bandstand or outside during breaks!

Many miles later Craig continues playing rock and blues as well as hosting jams. His first published song “About Him” with the group The Menagerie in the 60’s was internationally distributed. Craig played the West Coast club circuit for years and opened for acts such as Lee Michaels at the Paramount NW. The nuance, vocals and expressive lyrics of acoustic music continues to be a strong influence and desire.

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