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Janie Cribbs and the T.Rust Band

Janie Cribbs and The T.Rust Band are a tight outfit with stunning seductive vocals, sizzling slide guitar and a foot tappin’ rhythm section playing a mix of originals and some unique blues standards…

Perhaps the Best Bands are the ones that wander off the road of slick Popular taste, establishing their own credo: Tell the common man’s story, sing the song with gusto and heart, play the scorching hot guitar licks with a well-oiled rhythm section…and make sure it’s “Broadcast on the Frequency of Love!”

Meet  Janie Cribbs and The T.Rust Band

The duo “Janie and Joe” are well known in their corner of the Pacific Northwest woods on Whidbey Island and Far beyond. With years of notable appearances at Festivals, Bars, Taverns and Coffee Houses, Tours and thousands of CDs sold they are now culminating the process in their current project with the T.Rust Band – “Live Music Tonight”.  
The sets feature a  “Roots – Blues and Sultry Soul Revolution”  filled with 
the Bluesy energy of  “Come to Listen, Stay to Dance!”

With threads from her Irish Folk and Celtic past as well as Blues drenched vocals from her years as one of the most memorable Blues voices in the region, (and twice nominated for vocals by W.B.A.) Janie Cribbs and her partner Joe Reggiatore  make their Own music. It’s a brand of “Freedom Music”, with nods to  The Staples Singers for that Mantra.
Joe Reggiatore, who himself hails prominently from the L.A. Rock scene, found himself on a deserted North West beach with nothing but a beat up old acoustic guitar. His rebirth into an acoustic and electric guitar-playing original  was crafted in thousands of hours of solo exploring with his many guitars in his owl-lined rehearsal/writing space.

The pair agree that living on Whidbey Island has been for them a sort of “Woodstock Experience” – a place to write, grow, expand and test the local musical waters. They find plenty of happy and agreeable folk who apparently can’t get enough, showing up regularly to sold-out and standing room only shows. With the addition of organic hand drums, percussion and full kit from Kevin Holden and the multi-instrumental talents of Dave Willis on Bass and Beyond, the Band excels live.

As well as soulful and memorable covers, T.Rust  has a song book full of exciting unique and relevant songs of Freedom and songs of Faith, 
“A Roots and Blues Medicine Show” all bundled into a band that excites, entrances, enlivens and enlists T.Rusty Fans and new Friends alike.

All Concerts free to the public.

The Heart of Anacortes 4th & "O" Ave. Anacortes, Washington 98221
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