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Comfort Food

Comfort Food’ (jazz, African rhythms, lots of percussion, improvisation, blues, traditional dance music) – Comfort Food has a unique joyful sound. They play jazz, African rhythms, lots of percussion, improvisation, blues, traditional dance music with a twist and a turn and often host International guests to top off their style ‘Bitches Brew meets Fela Kuti’.

One never knows when band leader Bob Antolin will pick up his saxophones, belt an earth moving seductive groove, dance with the musical notes on his flute or strum his guitar or play the wind synthesizer that has multiple effects…

This multi-cultural band plays the greater NW at venues like Royal Room, Sea Monster, Rollin’ Log Tavern, Pono Ranch, Waid’s Haitian Restaurant, and Red’s Lounge and at various festivals. They were also seen in 2014 at the Olympic Sculpture Park as part of the ‘Art of Jazz ‘ concert series sponsored by the Seattle Art Museum, Earshot Jazz and KPLU-FM.

They love the outdoor venues as with seven musicians from various backgrounds the compilations break forth and raise the energy and the roof, please the soul and make sitting still nearly impossible. ‘Comfort Food’ plays to the crowd, unto heaven and to the gods. This band is food for the soul.

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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