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Cave Swallows & Sam & The Savages

Cave Swallows – hatched from three-piece jams by Caleb Hutton, Eric Kosarot and Kate Fujimoto in a green Victorian house on Garden Street in Bellingham, Wash. Brooks Hutton joined on bass when the band put down roots in Everett. The group’s 17-track debut First Light was recorded in a bedroom. Songs written on guitar by Caleb were layered with Casio keys, fiddle, banjo and whatever else was on hand. These songs were inspired by the DIY school of Pacific Northwest indie music, with influences from underground heroes Karl Blau, Kyle Field, Andy Cabic and Alex G to the long lost gems of Sibylle Baier and Connie Converse.

P.S. Cave Swallows just released our first music video filmed in the lower Skagit.

Sam & The Savages are an alternative rock band born and raised in Bellingham, WA. The band consists of Sam Chue on vocals and guitar, and brothers Caleb and Eli Savage on bass and drums. The three friends have played together outside of school since their pre-teens and all possess a true passion for music. Between Sam’s stunning vocal and guitar abilities and the power packed rhythm section, listeners are sure to be sonically blasted yet musically nurtured all at once.

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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