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Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints

Born out of a love of the early years of swing, americana and rock ‘n ‘roll, Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints is a band whose sound transports you to the time of speakeasies, honky-tonks and roadhouses. With upright bassist and vocalist Birch Pereira at its center, the band features skilled and versatile musicians who share the love of the American song traditions and a desire to offer a fresh angle on them.

The band’s debut album, Dream Man, was released independently and received the Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Award for “Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year” in 2016. Fans, critics and deejays have delighted in Birch Pereira’s “old soul,” tenor voice, the group’s new, stripped-down arrangements of musical gems from the past and Pereira’s ever growing repertoire of original, yet period-evoking material. The band has continued to spread their music throughout the Northwest and spent time gigging in the roots and jazz scenes of New York City and New Orleans. Birch Pereira has been nominated for 2017 Vocalist of the Year in the Earshot Jazz Golden Ear awards. Anticipation is building for their second album “Western Soul” due out on March 9th which features western-tinged jazz and soul originals along with reinterpretations of old blues, swing and early rock’n’roll.

“…Birch Pereira is an almost eerily versatile bassist, arranger and vocalist able to blend Willie Dixon, Hank Williams, Fats Waller, and much more into a single tasty brew, The Gin Joints obviously have a distinctive skill at deftly exploring the sometimes treacherous seams between country, swing and the roadhouse, while finding the timeless essence of great songs from any era. Highly recommended.” – Earshot Jazz

“Blending classic swing tunes from jazz, country and early rock ‘n’ roll; bassist and singer Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints have found their own kind of cool.” – KNKX, 88.5 FM.

“On this cover of “Lost Highway,” Pereira sweetly carries the lyrics of loss as Goessl accompanies on lead guitar. The quartet are masters of the early Americana sound. In short, we expect big things from their upcoming record, Dream Man.” – Jake Uitti, The Monarch Review

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