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Berndt Evenson, Gregory Rawlins & Kevin Kieneker

Berndt Evenson. – If anyone is wondering what the next “basement gem” to come out of Minnesota’s underbelly is going to sound like, they should probably talk to Berndt Evenson. The guitar-wielding gent responsible for Alluvion.
Evenson has been in various musical groups since he was a teenager. While playing numerous festivals and clubs in the surrounding Midwest, he was toiling with the sounds that would soon develop into what is now known as Alluvion. His latest release “The Deepest Depths of Shallow Waters”, is a whole new beginning for Alluvion in more ways than one. It is an impressive new turn and continues to show that Alluvion’s releases are anything but predictable.
The Alluvion concert experience features live midi tweaking, guitar & analogue ribbon improvisation, and heavily effect driven layered vocals. Evenson seems determined to assure audience members, that this isn’t typical EDM or basement rock; however, once you’ve seen or heard Alluvion, that becomes delightfully apparent.TO LISTEN:

Gregory Rawlins spent most of his childhood exploring the rain-sopped forests of Port Orchard, Washington, building forts and popping wheelies along the way. Pinecone fights were rampant, and the playground of the school he walked to each morning was big enough to exhaust the children properly.
Though he went unpaid, his first job was standing up rounds of Fir, Hemlock, and Cedar for his father to split– before they were loaded up and sold. This was a side job his father performed between playing cops and robbers. His mom was a mail lady.
Before folks built houses in the woods behind them, the Rawlins’s lit their bonfires by rifle. True, explosives of most kinds were readily available in such a locale, and it wasn’t uncommon for Gregory to save recycled beer can money for months just to spend it every July in a single Skokomish Indian Reservation visit.

And while the thrill of ignition left an indelible mark on the child, this penchant for destruction was no match for his even more fervent drive to preserve. In his many walks through the woods, the grandeur of the landscape, the lushness of the foliage, and the diversity of life above and below enamored young Gregory over all things.

Each spring the white trillium would sprout amid the salal and sword fern, late summer yielded hillside blackberries and creek side salmonberries, and the foreboding fall birthed spectrums of bubbly, glistening fungi. The forest was always something he feared and respected, because it, like him, breathed, spoke and sometimes bled.

The music Gregory Rawlins chooses to write never fully peels itself from such impressions.

Rawlins’ influences draw from a mash-up of classic rock, early country music, and the Seattle grunge wave of the early 1990s– genres illustrated in his solo work, as well as in Sons of Guns, a band he co-fronts with longtime friend Mike Surber.
In 2008, Rawlins self-released “The Amazing Circle of Boxes,” his 19-track debut album recorded between 2002-2007 during the interims of band activity, in a series of bedrooms, basements, garages and warehouses. At times simple and meditative, at times erratic, spacey, distorted and fused with a myriad of electronics and natural sounds, Rawlins auspiciously established himself as unique entity among American musicians.


Kevin Kieneker is a young, local guitar virtuoso that happened upon our doors at a Song Circle event and wowed us with his music. Of course we got his number and are pleased to introduce this young man to our lovely music community. Let’s enjoy his talents until he is swept away to bigger ventures.

“I love music it is my passion my place where I can go that no one can penetrate.I have been playing guitar for eleven years . It’s a huge part of my life my guitar playing is the most dedicated thing I have ever persued. I love music and I hope you do as well . “-  Kevin Kieneker

$10 Cover

The Conway Muse 18444 Spruce St Conway, WA 98238
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