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Steena Fullmer

Buddha Kitty Glass (known to her friends as Steena) has a long and passionate relationship with all types of glass art. My love of glass goes back many years. During a college trip to Europe, I became fascinated with the stained glass in the cathedrals. Upon returning home, I took my first class in glasswork and learned how to make stained glass windows. This served as a wonderful introduction to the world of glass art. From there I began to learn glass bead making and became intrigued by the amazing transformation that takes place in glass once heat is applied. These glass beads became parts of handmade jewelry that I gave to friends and occasionally sold at small craft fairs.

A cross-country move and new neighbors served as my introduction to fused glass. My new neighbors commented on a glass bead necklace that I had made which turned into a discussion about kiln formed glass. My neighbor taught fused glass. We talked about my fascination with glass, she suggested I try a class. I signed up for her class and immediately was captivated by kiln formed glass. Shortly after the class, I purchased my first small kiln and began perfecting the art of fused glass in my basement.

Several years later and after a few more classes in fused glass techniques, I relocated back to the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle area is renowned for its glass art and became a wonderful location to continue to pursue fused glass. I continued my study of fused glass and kiln formed glass at the Pratt Fine Art Center. After several years of learning new warm glass techniques and studying under some phenomenal artists, I decide to try my hand at selling my work. Thus in January 2009, Buddha Kitty Glass was launched.

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