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God’s Country – ​A ​True ​Tale ​for ​Our ​Times

“Fanaticism must be constantly fought, because it leads to dehumanizing, degrading and contagious hatred. ​Nothing ​good, ​nothing ​worthy, ​nothing ​creative ​can ​be ​born ​of ​hatred…” – Elie ​Weisel, ​Nobel ​Prize ​Recipient

God’s Country by Steven Dietz, is a provocative play presented by the Anacortes High School Theater Department at 7:00 p.m., November 11-12 and 16-18 at Brodniak Theater on the Anacortes High School campus. Performances are sure to inspire thought and conversation about ​White ​Supremacy ​in ​modern ​times.

Originally produced 24 years ago, it is one of only two shows director, Scott Burnett, has repeated over time. Burnett states, “It is a great show that is not produced often and quintessentially a Northwest story. All characters are from Washington, Oregon and Idaho-members of a White Identity group called ‘The Order.’’ This is true “in our backyard” history, the final chapter played out on Whidbey Island. Dietz included actual court documents and writings of Order members in the play. He chose to use the White Supremacist’s own words to tell much of the story, creating a stark and powerful play, but leaving the moral interpretation to ​the ​audience.

Molly Strohschein (formerly Robbins), an original cast member whose nephew is in the current production relates, “I think it is fascinating that a play could be timely in my high school years and ​maybe ​even ​more ​timely ​now”.

If you attend one of the upcoming productions of Steven Dietz’s God’s Country in Anacortes, you’ll ​be ​glad ​you ​did.

Article by Sherry Chavers

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