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Anacortes Word Waves 2012

Best Island, Water, Forest Theme:


No sun falls here, deep in the wood,
along the path where cedars stood.

Now the fir and hemlock tower,
Their limbs form the raven’s bower.

Morning music of bird chatter,
from tree to tree as they scatter.

Beneath the arbor’s canopy,
lies a woodland that came to be.

From time and that which lived before,
Arose the fertile forest floor.

In spring a feathered frond unfurls,
from fiddleheads with scroll-like curls.

Falling over its rocky lair,
waters wash lacey maidenhair.

In forest shade trillium thrive,
finding seclusion to survive.

Shadows hide violets that shun,
any intrusion by the sun.

Ripened by rain, mushrooms emerge,
Umbrella caps and stalks diverge.

Ancient glacial rocks like in rest,
as clinging lichens make their nest.

Soft pillows of moss lie between
and carpet the wood shades of green.

Arlene R. Wechezak

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