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Anacortes Word Waves 2012


A cool breeze caresses your face,

A film of mist dances over the roots of tall evergreens
as morning sunlight streams through the canopy,

The quiet chirps of birds and occasional snap of a twig,
possibly a doe finding her way to her fawn.

You are home. An island of friends, a sense of community.

Your footsteps crackle on the blanket of leaves
as you make your way out onto the ocean shore.

The air smells damp, probably from last night’s rain,
and the gentle waves lap at the rocky beach.

Close your eyes and feel the breeze caress your face,
The salty smell hanging in the air.

Your chariot awaits,
A majestic boat with tall, white flags.

The wind carries you along as you glide and sail along
Fidalgo Island.

Kira Oates

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