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Home is Where the Heart is – Pictures That Matter

Photographs can be taken anywhere in the world. It is when others are given the opportunity to see them that feelings from the heart come to life. These photos were recently taken by Marius Hibbard on his third trip to now what can be called his second home, Prigardica on the island Krocula, Croatia. These are pictures that matter.

By Sherry Chavers

What links the pure blue of a cloudless sky in Croatia with the cerulean hue of an ocean wave in the Pacific Northwest? How can the gleeful chatter of children in the distance bring you back to a childhood morning playing with friends in the front yard? All are home. These and so much more. Home is where we return when we’ve been away. Not just a physical structure, but one that resides within our hearts and shapes the memories imbedded in our minds. Home is not where the house is; it’s what we feel when we see something that carries us back to another place and evokes laughter or tears; a longing or a deep sense of connection in this disjointed world. The places we lived so long ago are recalled in the flash of an image seen today. I’m home again, I’m home now. I make myself at home; then and then again, and again and now. All are joined by the “pictures”-the images- that bind them together. Home calls us back to the familiar ground and the comfortable space and binds us together in our common humanity and at our core. In that sense, everyone is at home.

Maria Petrish arrived in Anacortes at the age of 8 in 1949 from Croatia and has ever since shared her “home” with all,  through the arts, music and community.  After seeing Marius’ photos the following poem came to life from her heart.

Pictures From Home
By Maria Petrish

Terraced hillsides
and stony paths
clink as metal chains
as you climb

Past ancient groves of gnarled olive
pungent rosemary
and bay leaf thickets

Stony paths lead to tiny chapels
on precipitous pinnacles
offering shelter
for body and soul

Beyond the pinnacles
looms Viper Mountain
the unforgiving karst
and deadly snakes

Below the pinnacles
there’s red tiled roofs
sturdy stone houses
festooned in bougainvillea
and red geranium
obscuring scars of wars

Long past
though some
nearly yesterday

And the ever present
azure sea

Bounded by jagged limestone
stone docks
and protecting quays

The sea that gives us
endless joy
and constant hope

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