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The Call of the Wild with Phil Lane

Phil Lane Nature Photography

by Karla Locke

An interview with wildlife photographer, Phil Lane.

Why wildlife?  Photographing Nature and Wildlife makes me feel connected with the earth on a very personal and profound level. Some feel this when they are in church or a place of worship.   

What was your first wildlife photograph? My god I can’t remember that far back LOL ; )

Your favorite wildlife subject? Thats a hard one if I had to pick one I would probably say Eagles in flight.

Your favorite wildlife location?  Another hard one. Most of Alaska, brooks falls, Glacier Nat Park, Yosemite Nat Park, Sanibel Island and I could go on LOL.

Most dangerous shot? Cougars and Grizzly bear Images. 

Luckiest photograph you captured? The male cougar nestled in Fall leaves perhaps???

Most memorable? All of them make me feel very lucky, it might be the Eagle in flight shot .

Technique tip? When shooting birds in flight one should compensate for exposure by at least 1-2 f stops open.

Equipment tip?  Never used compressed air to blow dirt off a lens mount as you will only push deposits deeper into the lens.


For over three decades I have created compelling photographic images for the fine art and commercial arenas. A short list of clients includes, Forbes Magazine, Popular Science, Sierra Calendars, House and Garden, Better Homes, McMillan Publishing and Random House. Fine Art Exhibitions include an exhibition in the National Museum of American Indian NYC and the Martin Lawrence Gallery in New York City. Graduate of the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. As a fine art nature photographer I endeavor to create images of natural subjects that communicate through light, color and structural composition. My camera is the paintbrush and nature provides all the pigments in my work. My mission as a Photographer is to take some element of the subject I experience, perhaps it is a feeling or a sense of wonderment. My intention is to share as much of this experience or feeling with the viewer that I can. This feeling could be the unbridled spirit of a young Eagle soaring for the very first time. I want my work to communicate to the viewer in its purest expression without pretense or an agenda. This is what I strive to do with each image I create.

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