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As I See It with Hap (Gladys) Bailey-Hudec


Her lens has travelled the world. Its prey – wildlife!

Animals in nature are subjects near and dear to Hap (Gladys) Bailey-Hudec’s heart.

Hap and her camera have gone seeking adventure in the wilds of Africa, the icy arctic of the Svalbard Archipelago, the Hudson Bay, and some remote regions of China. All in the pursuit of photographing wildlife.

Recent trips have taken her closer to home –  Kalispell, Montana, where she spent time photographing on a wildlife refuge.

With the exception of Africa, most of Hap’s photographs are shot in the freezing cold dead of winter. Snow and the cold adds mystery to her images and provide contrast for the subject matter. The starkness of the environment strike us visually with its beauty.

For a true photographer, photography is not a hobby, it is a passion, a way of life.

Wildlife photographers are among the most passionate and some of the most dedicated to their craft.

Hap’s passion and dedication span years and continents. Her images take viewers to places most only dream of and reveal animal behaviors that most of us will never see for ourselves.

Hap is our guide, a stealthy predator that takes us into the wilds of her images.

Visit Hap’s website.

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