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As I See It with Lonny Heiner

Lonny and Bunny Heiner live an adventuresome life. Their adventure together started over 53 years ago in Alaska and continues today in Anacortes.

Lonny’s heart and soul have always belonged to his “bride,” Bunny.

He does, however, reserve a small piece of both for his long-time passion — photography. He generously shares his passion with his loved ones and friends, mostly in the form of greeting cards that he creates using his art and Bunny’s words.

“Part of my photographic mission is driven by my life partner, who writes cards and letters the old-fashioned way — using the United States post office,” Lonny tells me. “I asked her once how many cards she sends a year, and since she records all of her outgoing mail, she could tell me the average is 1200. And I provide images for all of them. Good original material is a constant challenge for me.”

I ask Lonny what one recent photograph he thinks best showcases his art and soul. His answer is a photograph he took a few years back of the Rainbow Bridge in La Conner. Why? “It looks like art,” he tells me. “It doesn’t look like a bridge.

“I try to create something that I will like,” Lonny explains. Though his inventory of photographs is large, only a handful make the cut. One of the critical elements he feels is important to an image is “the light.” The light has to be just right for Lonny to pick an image to be a part of his collection.

A true passion for love and photography can be found in the images Lonny creates for Bunny’s cards — cards that his “bride” will share with the many people who are near and dear to them both.

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Interview with Lonny Heiner

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