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As I See It – Dick Garvey

This blog post is dedicated to a great man. A good friend. And an inspirational photographer.

It is a gift when someone comes into our life that truly inspires us. Someone who makes us reach deep down to pull out our passion and our dreams. It is even more wonderful (and rare) when that someone inspires everyone they touch. For me, and for so many, that someone was Dick Garvey.

Dick would tell his students, “Put some of yourself into your work.” And that is  just what they would do.

Teaming up with Dick Garvey to do photography workshops was an amazing experience – one I will be forever grateful for. He was a great instructor.  His  students strived to be the best they could be, and he thrived off of their enthusiasm. He taught more than photography, he taught creativity, art, passion and how to be inspired. His need to teach was almost has great as his need to create. His passion and love for photography swept his students (and me) into a world of wonder and beauty – an experience we will never forget. He was a true teacher of the art and soul of photography.

Dick was a rare gift to the world of photography. A gift we will always treasure. A little piece of his soul will forever remain in his art.  And his gift and love for teaching will be in the hearts of all who had the privilege of learning from him. Each day his teachings are a constant reminder and inspiration for us to continue on, to grow our passion and to put a little piece of our soul into each photograph we take. And every time we click that shutter we hear him say, “What were you thinking?”.

“For those of us who had the opportunity to learn photography from Dick Garvey, we now realize that each photograph we took during his workshops, as well as, each photograph we continue to take, has a little bit of him in them. They are memories, moments and lessons that we will use and cherish forever.”

Garveyism – Favorite Dick sayings:

  • “What were you thinking?”
  • “Make, don’t take your photos.”
  • “The more you know about photography the harder you have to work.”
  • “You have to put some of your own emotion into an image before the viewer can get any emotion out of it?”
  • “Each image should express something from inside you.”
  • “Each image you make is a self-portrait.”

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