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As I See It – A Journey with Sally Halvorsen

Sally Halvorsen

How do you de-stress? What do you do to put things back into perspective? I look around me and then I realize how lucky I am. I’m lucky that I have a passion that allows me for a time to forget. I truly don’t think about anything that is going on in my life when I’m looking through the lens. It’s the camera, me and my subject.

After the passing of her husband a few years ago, photography for Sally, took on a whole new meaning.  It was an outlet for her grief. In 2010, and still, she lives life through her lens. When viewing her photography, you see there is still beauty in this world even after the loss of a loved one.  Her book, “The Promise of Daylight; A Photographic Journey of healing through the lens” takes you on a beautiful journey of love, the meaning of life and the joy of photography.

Her photography has taken her on a personal journey through life. Her photographs shows her desire to cherish each day. While capturing it’s beauty, she shares her love of each moment with her viewers. Her photography gives us, the viewers, pause – time to reflect, to admire the beauty we tend to forget about in our busy hectic lives and an appreciation for the true meaning of life – Love.
Her growth as a photographer may have been a result of grief, but her passion, her soul, is a result of love.

I’m laughing again, I’m having fun again and I’m truly living again, through the lens.
Sally Halvorsen

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