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As I See It with John Holtman




As I See It with John Holtman



When John Holtman creates a photograph he creates a mood. His images evoke emotion. His images grab us, tugging us in, leaving us breathless.




His unusual techniques and use of old equipment in his photography add a stunning effect to his images, creating a one-of-a-kind look and feel.







Whether black/white or in color – his images have a grab-your-attention visual uniqueness to them.  



Every detail in his images creates a connection with the viewers, a moment of AWE. Fascinated, a viewer can study the image and with each glance capture a new detail. 

La Conner Tug

tdf_MG_2771 2cMotion

There is movement in a John Holtman photograph. Some imply motion. Some take us on a journey. Some stand still, adding a quiet reflection to a busy world.



Words that describe the visual photography of John Holtman:

Aweinspiring – Breathtaking – Moody – Stunning – Remarkable – Wonderment.


John Holtman Photography website

John Holtman Photography Facebook

Karla Locke
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