January 2013 - Anacortes Magazine - Art, Music, and Community

Teryl Monson When it comes to photography, she is dedicated to her craft, but if you look closely, you can also see the fun that Teryl Monson has with her photography. Team her up with Lois Farrington, and you have … Continue reading

Lois Farrington and Teryl Monson are girls who just wanna have fun. When they pack up their gear and take off for parts that beg to be photographed, it’s laughter that gets their creative juices flowing. Yet, they are all … Continue reading

Anacortes Word Waves 2012 was a joint community collaboration for a public poetry literacy project that resulted in several public poetry events benefitting our community members, students and artists. Word Waves was designed to incorporate the spoken word, written word … Continue reading

“This dance turns your eyes into rivers and tears into streams.” “This booth is still full of wood scraps given new life through a carver’s hand.” “The color of the ocean is like my dad’s eyes…like a shooting star in … Continue reading

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