April 2012 - Anacortes Magazine - Art, Music, and Community

This contest has ended. If one of those moments prompts you to photograph a person, place, event … (or whatever you feel touches your heart in Anacortes) … identify your favorite image and submit it for consideration in the Anacortes … Continue reading

Welcome to the premier issue of Anacortes Magazine featuring Tracy Powell, Steve Berentson, Jacob Navarro and more. Continue reading

Our vision with Anacortes Magazine is to bring people together in a special way through the creative arts, including music, art and photography. I love to help people tell their stories. When they have a chance to share what’s in … Continue reading

The year was 2003, and the Internet was not yet a universally shared passion, but at the prompting of How It Works founder Chris Terrell photographer Steve Berentson launched a photo journal titled AnacortesToday.com. Berentson acknowledges with a smile that … Continue reading

His birth certificate reads Fort Bragg, California, but in terms of his identity as a musician, Jacob Navarro is “Anacortes, born and bred.” Navarro, the Fidalgo Island half of the Spoonshine Duo, was three years old when his family moved … Continue reading

An accomplished stone carver, as evidenced by the impressive collection of works in his Snee-Oosh Road gallery and at public places including the Tommy Thompson Trail and Anacortes United Methodist Church. Continue reading

As we grow older, many of us shut ourselves off to true friendships, hiding within ourselves the best gift we have to offer. With this in mind, the Fidalgo Island Writers Guild asked the children of Anacortes to share with all of us what makes a person a good friend through the eyes of their youthful hearts. More than one hundred children responded… Continue reading

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